Classical Composer



Amin Sarrafi draws inspiration from the everchanging duality of nature and humanity. His musical works consist of a multitude of piano pieces along with duet and trio compositions. Within his music, Amin strives to find harmony in an otherwise disonnent world by immersing different styles, ideals, and cultures into a single voice. 

After having studied music at Santa Barbara City College, Amin has had the opportunity to perform his original pieces in intimate settings such as art galleries and small theaters with his musical trio (GoOn Ensemble) consisting of harp, violin, and piano. Along with his performances, Amin has released an extended play consisting of four original pieces all performed and recorded by his group of talented musicians. 

Here & Now,

“Music in itself is a universal language, yet we contradict this thought. By listening to a melodic structure the mind subconsciously begins to place the music's origins to vague regions and eras. We turn what is universal into what is now categorized, as we have done for every form of art, life and object. In order to not only create differently but to also see differently, it is time to distance ourselves from the question of where and when and replace this thought with the idea of the here and now.” ~ Amin Sarrafi



Stories Told Without Words



What determines the difference between self deception and self empowerment lies within the very first word of both states of being, the ‘self’. To deceive is to rob the truth, and by taking away what you already possess, you forfeit all that you could truly become. Dancer of the Dark is representative of the turmoils of one’s own spirit, unknowingly traveling through the darkness of deception, only to dance towards the light of self realisation.



Our most immediate and yet undervalued source of freedom is movement. Our ability to act at any time upon our own desires all lies within the tools of our own body. Liberation Waltz is a celebration of movement where the strains of external limitations are released by the overwhelming power of our own being.